Monday, May 14, 2007

I know you're out there!

Just was informed that there is a link, established on the 24th of April, from a creationist website to the letters catigating the Royal Australian Chemical Institute for publishing a creationist article that I posted so I could link to them here. There is *no link* to those letters on the Polymer Division website. Either Google found them, even though they were parked nigh-linkless, or someone has been through here and found them.

The creationist article says that our criticism is ill-founded because we have not specifically refuted the claims made in John Ashton's article. I will specifically refute them all here, real soon.

Chris Barner-Kowollik tells me that since the creationist website linked to his letter, he has been receiving hate mail from certain Christians, saying things like: "Your days are numbered and the wrath of god will hit you hard." He says I should leave the letter up on the web anyways, because he is a man of principle and integrity.

If Google is not nigh-omnicompetent, and you, dear reader, found those letters through here, please feel free to publicise my name and contact details to receive abusive messages as well. For the God of young-earth creationism is a despicable God, a God who holds his creatures in contempt by filling the natural world with suffering for no good reason and mocks sentience by constructing a universe made to look in every way like it is billions of years old and governed by rational laws. I want no truck with him. Humanity deserves a better God than that.

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Marco said...

I like the word "Omnicompetent". A play within the word itself, without losing meaning.