Sunday, June 27, 2010

Image Results for Chris Fellows

Of the Chris Fellowses in the world, the one with the largest web footprint is possibly the South African wildlife photographer known for his action shots of great white sharks. So if you google me you are likely to get results like this:

("So, Mrs Jones, number four is the man you say pulled your husband from his surfboard and bit his leg off above the knee?"
"*sniff* Yes, Officer... I'd know that face anywhere... *sniff*")

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Jenny said...

Hey, my google search is MUCH more promising now - there used to be just one thing.
Now I'm apparently an expert on Densovirinae on the lab-velocity site. (I had to look it up to find out what virus they are, I don't keep these things in my head though I probably should).
I blame the paper on hepatopancreatic parvovirus in prawns. I developed the PCR and started the molecular work & then handed it over to an honours student - so my names on a paper